Juan Manuel Santos

During President Juan Manuel Santos’ visit yesterday to the System of Metropolitan Emergencies and Security in Medellin, which followed a teleconference with Police Commanders from ten main cities in the country that analyzed cell phone theft, President Santos highlighted the results of the pilot “Hot Spots” intervention project that was conducted in the City of Medellin.

President Santos stated that the pilot “Hot Spots” intervention project was put into place after former New York City Mayor, Rudolph W. Giuliani’s visit to Colombia in March. Mayor Giuliani helped design the “Hot Spots” strategy in the areas that City Hall and the Police focused on.
A study was conducted by the Universidad de los Andres on the impact of the “Hot Spots” pilot program, and their results were submitted to President Santos yesterday. President Santos indicated that the conclusion of their analysis highlighted that there was a reduction in all criminal activity, specifically stating that there was a 70 percent reduction in criminal activity in the “Hot Spots” zones and filed complaints increased from 30 percent to 67 percent. There was an increase approximately by 20 percent in the perception people had in regards to police presence, due to the police doubling their amount of patrolling from 55 minutes to 101 minutes, and theft of vehicles had a 46 percent reduction. Due to the success of the pilot “Hot Spots” program, this plan will be implemented through the rest of the country.

Cell Phone Theft
President Santos stated that the strategy to combat cell phone theft began on August 20th.

In 2014, Colombia had over one million stolen cell phones – an illegal business that generates more than four hundred million dollars per year.
President Santos made a statement, “Today, after coordinating with the Police, Prosecutors, Dian, Ministry of Tics, Mayors and the private sector, we have obtained the following results: Theft has fallen by 15 percent, sixty-nine thousand cell phones have been recovered, twenty nine [illegal] organizations have been dismantled, and ten thousand five hundred people have been prosecuted for having committed this crime. One thousand sixteen hundred businesses have been intervened with, and in each city they look to capture the 18 most wanted for this crime, whom have already been identified.
President Santos explained that any phone with a suspicious origin will be turned off. He continued to say, “Up until now, they have [turned off] more than four hundred thousand and from here until June of 2016, they will tum off at least two and a half million more … ”
The Mayor of Medellin, Mayor Anibal Gaviria said that it is very clear that there are twenty-nine illegal networks, and that a strategy has been put into place and that the leaders of these networks have been identified.

Juan Manuel SantosColombia President
Gennadiy Kernes

First of all, let me express to you my deep respect and sincere gratitude, Mr. Giuliani, for finding time and opportunity to visit Kharkiv city in November 2017, as well as for the expert support which you and the representatives of Giuliani Security & Safety LLC, chaired by the Chief Executive Officer John P. Huvane, have made for Kharkiv in the sphere of security.

Today the examination of international experience is the most significant direction of work for city authorities. In this connection, I am grateful to you for such a detailed analysis of the situation, as well as for your recommendations on how to make Kharkiv a safe city.

I am convinced that the report which you have provided, “Kharkiv – Safety and Security”, will become a new strategy for ensuring security in our city and will also initiate more effective interaction of the municipality with all city services in order to create comfortable living conditions for the residents of our city.


Gennadiy Kernes

Mayor of Kharkiv

Gennadiy KernesMayor of Kharkiv
Jorge José Daboub

Dear John

I would like to thank you in the name of the Salvadoran businessmen gathered at ANEP, for the exceptional work that you have done in the area of security, masterfully presented by Major Giuliani at the ENADE 2015 event in san Salvador on May 4″ this year.

ENADE yearly event brings together proposals from all economic sectors of the Country in order to achieve a common agenda for development with government. This year we express the anguish of a growing and intolerable security situation in El Salvador, and share all the work that Giuliani Safety & Security have done in our country. Your proposal is a valuable exercise evaluating the current situation, reviewing the legal and institutional situation, as well as the necessary recommendations to change this pressing reality.

Our business community and Salvadorans in general are very grateful to you and your team for this effort, and wish you success in your important work for society


Jorge José Daboub

Jorge José DaboubPresident ANEP
Jorge A. D´onofrio

To whom it May concern,

I have been working with Giuliani Security and Safety for about 2 years, advising me and my team on security, justice and best police practices.

The security situation in my Province has worsened in recent years and I firmly believe that we can learn from the positive experiences of other countries and cities, with the experience of Rudy Giuliani as Mayor of the city of New York, one of the greatest exponents of positive change worldwide.

Giuliani Security and Safety is the means through which the Mayor turns his knowledge into the field of advice, with a team made up of professionals with diverse knowledge and proven experience.

I found in the Mayor Giuliani, John Huvane and the rest of the team a constant source of consultation, friendship and dedication that goes much further than professionalism; a commitment to make the world a safer place.

As I share your vision, I hope to continue working with GSS in the future and make the Province of Buenos Aires a safer place for its citizens.


Jorge A. D’onofrio

Deputy of the Province of Buenos Aires

Jorge A. D´onofrio Deputy of the Province of Buenos Aires