Rudy Giuliani states the keys to combating crime: “The police should feel it has political support”


One of the best-known figures in US politics is former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (1994-2001), who came to Chile to hold a security conference, where he delivered several keys to fighting crime: “The police Must feel that it has the political backing.The battle against crime must start from above, “he said.

He also made a recommendation to the country: “In Chile they have to take more advantage of technology, such as DNA banks with records of criminals.”

Giuliani became known for fighting crime in the big apple, where after eight years at the head of the city managed to become a benchmark in this area thanks to its program known as “zero tolerance.”

“The United States says that Chile is fairly safe, but I imagine you want to be absolutely sure, ” the former mayor of New York began, saying that “it’s time to treat cancer if we do not approach it early , There may be metastasis. ”

“In the worst weather in New York, 75% of the population declared that they did not want to live there,” Giuliani said. “We had 3,000 murders a year,” he continued, “in New York Allowed the homeless, prostitution, to get out of control.The city was covered with graffiti. ”

At the conference – where former President Sebastián Piñera also arrived – Giuliani said that “there are no ungovernable cities, there are bad governments.” He also recommended: “they have to make sure they have the right amount of police,” because “current crime is not going to stop education, or health, only police will do it.”

The most effective solution in this sense, according to the experience of the former mayor of New York, is that “the political will to reduce crime, political leadership of any sector, is most necessary.”