Results after one month in Amazons Brazil



Executive report of the GUARDIAM24HORAS program actions. 

Manaus – Amazonas

This executive report aims to demonstrate the preparatory actions of the GUARDIAM24HORAS program, in the period from August 22nd to October 10th, 2018, based on the timeline, as follows:

Program actions GUARDIAM24H

Agenda, Dates Dates:
1 Meeting with Tlam – composition of the Group of leaders (1st phase).


August 22nd
2 Interview for Radio Tiradentes – Difusora August 24th
3 Meeting with Security Summit August 27th
4 Meeting with Colonels of the Pmam August 28th
5 Meeting with Colonels  Of the firefighters August 30th
6 Meeting with all delegates PC August 30th
7 Meeting with criminal experts September 4th
8 Meeting with Security Summit (PM, PC) September 6th
9 Meeting with STAFF GUARDIAM24HORAS September 8th
10 Meeting with Lid Safety Security September 10th
11 Meeting – Definition of strategie September 12th
12 Meeting with the security Summit September 13th
13 Change of holders of police stations September 14th
14 Command Pass Pmam September 14th
15 Possession Col Gouvêa September 14th


September 17th
17 Possession of the general delegate Frederick September 17th
18 Training: Professor Pierre – Unification of the strategic planning language, risk analysis and Obje Project action September 19th
19 Command passage of the Metropolitan positioning – Cel. Disney September 20th
20 Command passage Tactical Force – COM September 21st
21 Press conference-PM’s promotion September 21st
22 CHOQE Command Pass September 21st
23 Rocam Command Pass September 21st
24 Press conference 26th DIP-Reinauguration September 24th
25 Ptaff meeting GUARDIAM24HORAS September 26th
26 Staff meeting GUARDIAM4HORAS October 1st
27 Workshop to define the strategic guidelines of GUARDIAM24HORAS October 4th
28 Security meeting October 5th
29 Meeting with the security Summit October 8th
30 Inauguration of the new security Secretary of the AM October 9th
31 Workshop (continuity) of strategic planning October 9th
32 GUARDIAM24HORAS meeting – diagnosis October 10th


  1. Conducting training to adapt the language of strategic planning, risk analysis and project elaboration
  2. Training in risk analysis, scenarios and diagnoses by SWOT methodology.
  3. Workshop for the elaboration of strategic guidelines.
  4. Workshop for the elaboration of the strategic diagnosis based on the SWOT methodology.



  1. Changes in the command of institutions belonging to the public security system of the Amazonas. 
  2. Relocation of the administrative effective (activity means) to the operationality (activity end) in order of 30%, with this, causing a direct impact on the operationality of the military police, reflecting on the inminution of the crime rates and increase Substantial sense of safety.
  3. Intensification of Operation Eagle with actions of saturation and occupation aiming at the supplementation of operationality in areas diagnosed by statistical data as being unacceptable by the established parameters.
  4. Reduction in theft and theft rates, direct effect of the new actions performed by the military police, based on observations of the Giuliani Security and Safety – GSS report.
  5. Receipt of 150 characterized vehicles to increase the operational capacity of the operating units of the 61 municipalities of the interior of the state of Amazonas.
  6. Creation of teams by the military police to implement the actions of the GUARDIA24HORAS program in the military police.
  7. Readjustment of the operational effective of CECOPOM in the functions of coordinator and controller.

Alignment meeting of the Extrordinary Secretary of State with the senior officers of the military police.


  1. 15 DIP with 24/7 duty.
  2. 15 DIP working with permanencies to attend the public.
  3. Creation of the coordination of operations and special resources – CORE/AM.
  4. Creation of a working group to prospecting data regarding the implementation of the GUARDIAM24HORAS.
  5. Readjustment of the Civil Police command to meet the needs of the GUARDIAM24HORAS program.
  6. Extraordinary Secretary meets with the Public security Summit to define actions of the GUARDIAM24HORAS




  1. IML Digital System deployment.
  2. Digital registry Computerization.
  3. Creation of teams by the technical and scientific police to implement the actions of the GUARDIAM24HORAS program in the military police.
  4. Internalization of medical forensics and forensic dentistry, through Telehealth, with training in Legal medicine for “Ad Hoc” physicians.
  5. Execution of the Progecrim criminalistic management program, with integration of data from the public safety system, through the NITI (Integrated information technology nucleus), Niti is a member of the Department of Technical-Scientific police-DPTC.
  6. Acquisition and installation of ballistic Microcomparator, donated by SENASP/MJ and installed in the forensic ballistics Department of the Institute of Criminalistics by specialized technician coming from the Federal District (Brasília), in August.
  7. Maintenance of equipment in the sector of the forensic ballistics from the Institute of Criminalistics by specialized technician from the Federal district (Brasília), in August.
  8. Acquisition of 02 (two) vehicles of the Peugeot 2018 brand, donated by SENASP/MJ.
  9. Hiring of 08 (eight) trainees for the NITI, to insert data from the examinations carried out in previous years.
  10. Realization of the partnership with IESP, For training professionals in Criminal forensics, and forensic odontologists experts.
  11. Gathering Information for Creation of a training program to meet the professional training needs of criminal experts, legal experts and odontolegists experts.

Illustration summary:

  • Rape: 22% reduction.
  • Pickpocketing/Thefts: 10% reduction.
  • Robbery: 23% reduction.
  • Seized Weapons: 21% increase.  From 124 to 150.
  • Trafficking bulletins: 27% increase. From 271 to 345.
  • 18% overall average of crime reduction and a 24% increase in productivity.


In general, in the period from August 22 to October 10, several preparatory activities were carried out, as shown in this Report of Preparatory Actions, aiming at the adequacy of the physical and personnel structures of the institutions that make up the Public Security System of the State of Amazonas, aiming at the effectiveness of the implementation actions of the GUARDIAM24HORAS program.

Also in October 2018, the strategic diagnoses will be finalized that will support the elaboration of the projects that will align the organizations of the Public Security System of the State of Amazonas with the mission, vision and values of the program GUARDIAM24HORAS.

The GUARDIAM24HORAS team will make any effort in November to implement the first projects implemented and implemented in the Public Security System in this way, collaborating with the reduction of crime rates and raising the security concession in the entire population of the State of Amazonas.


Manaus / AM, October 12th, 2018.

Coronel QOPM Walter Rvodrigues Cruz Junior

Secretary of State Extraordinary

Read the attachment here: Relatório Guardiam 24H