Luis Abinader promises to make public safety a priority; welcome’s Giuliani’s plan


The presidential candidate for the Modern Revolutionary Party ( PRM ), Luis Abinader , said today that his government will implement a set of recommendations of his adviser Rudolph Giuliani , to drastically control the assaults, robberies and criminal attacks to which the population is frequently subjected Dominicana

During a press conference with Giuliani , who showed the report “One Nation, a law that equals justice for all,” Abinader said that his administration will adopt efficient and effective measures in both the police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Duly adapting them to the laws and the social and cultural context of the Dominican Republic.

“So that from the first days of our government we can make effective one of the first responsibilities of the State, which is to guarantee the right to life, physical integrity and care of the assets of people throughout the national territory,” he said. The political leader.

He said that he is aware of the social and economic implications of crime and violence, for which his government will develop highly effective public policies, always taking into account that attacks on people and the dispossession of their property are a priority related to The very right to human existence, foreseen in the laws of men and the mandate of God.

Abinader said that to begin to improve the security of Dominicans, “our change management” includes a minimum wage equivalent to 500 dollars for ceilings, increase of salary and other benefits in all the ranks of the institution, additional payment for hours Extra to personnel who exceed their normal working hours and equipment and fundamental changes in the country’s police procedures.

He stressed that to give the character of commitment to the issue of public safety and public order, the office of the President of the Republic and the head of the National Police will be in charge of the design and daily follow-up of a strategy “clear and concise” Of crime reduction .

Giuliani team . Under the concept of “One Nation, Legislation Equals Justice for All,” and as part of the advisory agreement with Abinader’s presidential campaign, the Giuliani Security and Safety team made a diagnosis of citizen security in the Dominican Republic.

According to the report sent to this medium, among the specific findings of the investigation, which included online studies on statistics and cases of global agencies, as well as field investigations and interviews, between 30 and 40% of homicide deaths are Classified erroneously.

He points out that often the victims’ families must bribe corrupt officials at the scene of the accident to be surrendered to their deceased relatives, as well as that the victims of crimes often do not file complaints because they do not trust the judicial system, which Does the crime statistics are not reported properly and are inaccurate.

Likewise, it specifies that there is no DNA bank to help solve crimes and follow criminal patterns.
Officials and wealthy people obstruct criminal and judicial proceedings. Crime statistics are not transparent, and often the evidence of crime is lost or stolen.

In his investigation, Giuliani’s team received reports from National Police officers who acknowledge that there is a 44% increase in criminality resulting from the mismanagement of former chiefs of the body.

According to the report, the main problem observed in the system was: The police blame the prosecutor, who in turn accuses the police. There is no clear public policy in the coordination of services between the Police, Prosecutor’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office. There is a lack of political will to establish such public policy.

The investigation further established that individuals with political connections or wealthy individuals have the power to stop investigations of arrests or close criminal proceedings in any instance of the justice system.