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A juvenile offender has expired a criminal record for serious crimes at the age of 18, can enter the police and receives a weapon. More prosecutors should be stopped immediately, as it is impossible for them to authorize in a week that a victim will recognize the photo of their potential aggressor if they take care of 1,400 cases each. It is very important that the police systematically publish photos of suspects in a crime. Such proposals were made yesterday by the right-hand man of the former mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, John Huvane.

Giuliani’s team landed on 23rd Monday in Uruguay at the request of the leader of the People’s Party, Edgardo Novick. In October of this year, the former mayor of New York will arrive in Uruguay to present the safety recommendations of his company “Giuliani Security & Safety” as part of his expert opinion to Novick.

Giuliani is known worldwide for dividing the crimes of New York into two halves in just four years

Huvane, ex-detective in New York

John Huvane is managing director of the company “Giuliani Security & Safety”. With over 30 years of security and law enforcement experience, Huvane has participated in management operations, business development, security and threat assessments in the US and around the world. He was part of the team that founded the company “Giuliani Security & Safety” in 2002. He trained the Qatar secret service to prepare the security of the Asian Games, which were conducted in 2006. He Works as Security Director for Rudy Giuliani’s Presidential Campaign

Huvane, a 21-year-old ex-New York Police detective, met with prosecutors, judges, police and prison leaders Tuesday Tuesday to internalize Uruguayan public security. Novick and Huvane, accompanied by other US experts, met Prime Minister Jorge Váz-Quez at 2:00 pm the day before, and with the head of the National Police, Mario Layera, at the command center. Unified in the Prado

During the meeting, Novick and Huvane received information about changes in the way the police work and the development of crime in the country.

At 16:00. Huvane and Novick held a spontaneous press conference prior to a guided tour of the United Nations Communications Center.

Huvane called on the government to implement four measures based on “common sense”: Inquire as to whether aspiring police cadets “killed their father, mother or neighbor” or committed other serious crimes when they were minors; the recruitment of more prosecutors because their numbers are “insufficient” and protect children in schools and women in their homes.

In recent weeks, there have been deaths of women in the hands of their partners or ex-partners and episodes of abuse of children in marginalized schools

Some of Huvane’s postulates are: The rights of victims must be more strongly defended than that the criminal; The Uruguayan police must find a reasonable way to investigate the crimes, because if the crime continues to increase, the country can become a dangerous place, and security is not a political issue for one party or another, but a problem for the whole Society is important.

The American expert warned that the ideas he brings to Uruguay are not just in New York when Giuliani was mayor, but that they came from the company’s experience in Colombia. Argentina and Brazil. “If the police resources that are already in use are being used more effectively, we can succeed, as in Medellin,” Huvane said, referring to work done by Giuliani’s company in that Colombian city. Over a five-and-a-half-month period, according to Huvane, the crime rate in Medellín fell by 42%.

Consulted the debate in Uruguay about the decline in the age of imputability of juvenile delinquents as a way to improve the Huvane said that this was an issue that the Uruguayans should discuss. However, stated that there were countries that reduced the age of accountability and thereby gained more efficiency in the fight against illegality.


At the meeting with Novick and Huvane, Vázquez reported that the government had made changes in the police and that these had a positive effect on the fight against illegal activities. He asserted that the growth of the robberies had slowed down, and he gave as an example that they had risen at a rate of 15%. According to El País sources, this number has now dropped to 12%.

Vázquez and Layera point out Novick and Huvane, who are optimistic that the changes in the police will lead to positive results.

Huvane stresses that the meeting with Vázquez and Layera allowed him a detailed report on the illegal events in Uruguay. Security, he predicted, could trigger a very important debate in the pre-election campaign.

Novick: “Giuliani is the one who knows the most about security in the world”

After a meeting yesterday with leaders of the Interior Ministry, the leader of the Partido de la Gente, Edgardo Novick, said that they were talking about it It should be clear that security is the biggest problem for the Uruguayans.

“This is not a left or right question, neither of young people or old people, nor of Montevideo, nor of people from the inside, it affects both rich and poor people,” said Novick at a press conference outside the Communication Center of the Single High Command of the Ministry of Interior. For this reason, he said that the People’s Party in Uruguay is putting together a “good team” for security. “Now we are looking for the world’s best security team and those with more experience than Giuliani’s company – what we want most is to put this team in the service of the government and the country,” said he.