Giuliani states we must combat corruption

Former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Luis Abinader’s campaign safety advisor said that until corruption is tackled in the highest levels of power, there will be no real decrease in crime in the Dominican Republic.

Giuliani considered that there should be zero tolerance for corruption in the public administration, and in the top positions of the National Police, because that is reflected in the actions of police officers.

He said that the issue of citizen security requires large investments of money, which first start with increasing the salary to police officers, but clarified that the money invested is always recovered by the countries, because they increase foreign investments and open New businesses in the safest cities.

The ex-mayor of New York was presented yesterday by Abinader as his security adviser, a meeting that took advantage of the presidential hopeful of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) to indicate that a salary increase should be produced for the police, which should be gradual, Depending on their training.

Giuliani said that the problem of insecurity in the Dominican Republic has already been faced in other countries in the region, such as Colombia and Puerto Rico, where he is currently working, and in his opinion he knows the type of reality Criminal situation facing the country.

He said that once implemented his plans and recommendations takes between two to four years to regain the trust of people, who continues with the idea of ​​living in a city insecure because of previous experiences he had with criminal cases.

The international adviser considers that any crime reduction program must begin with a police reform that improves the living conditions of the members of the institution, and guarantees them higher levels of professionalism, so that honesty can be encouraged within the Rows of the institution.

The only way to deal with crime, Giuliani thinks, is to start from above and with political will, in order to tackle corruption and restore confidence in the police.

Part of the presentation of the former mayor turned yesterday around the program Compstat, called monitoring system statistics, strategies and security tactics, which became the main component of its strategy.

He said that for 8 years crime fell by 60% and homicides by 65% ​​in New York City, then reached levels close to 80% during the management of Michael Bloomberg, who followed in the charge.