Can’t continue to politicize the violence in El Salvador


“The problem of insecurity should not be further politicized nor should resources be used to attack the opposition,” said John Huvane, security adviser and executive director of Giuliani Secutiry and Safety, whose owner is former New York mayor, Rudolph Giuliani. “We have to work together to solve this situation of insecurity,” he said.

Huvane said in an interview with El Diario de Hoy that the country needs to professionalize security forces and fight corruption inside them. “In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the local leaderships within them and that these are reliable and effective,” he added.

“Another measure that the country urgently needs is to regain control of the penitentiary system,” Huvane said. He said that in prisons criminals are professionalized and assassinations and extortions are planned. “It looks like they were the operation centers or gang headquarters,” he said.

It also considers that “although there must be zero tolerance for crimes, there are people who should not be in jail because the offenses committed are non-violent. We must remove the youth who entered for these prison absences to relieve them and to Avoid being contaminated there by being in contact with dangerous criminals. ”

Finally, he said that in the country it is important to make efficient use of resources both in the security forces and in the bodies responsible for imparting justice. “For example, we must take advantage of instances such as the DNA laboratory of the Institute of Legal Medicine or any resource at hand to prevent recidivism of the crime,” Huvane said.

The security analyst said that in a since they submitted a security proposal to the Government in May 2015, have not received a response and said that the situation has gone out of control in a year. “They may take our proposal or that of someone else into account, but it is necessary for the government to have a plan and implement it. We can not keep kicking the can, because if this happens the situation can get much worse,” he lamented.

In May 2015, John Huvane and former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani presented the Government and various sectors with their security proposals at the National Private Enterprise Encounter (ENADE). Although government spokesmen said they would take into account the document received, there has been no follow-up.