Amazonino hires former mayor of New York City for security measures in Manaus

Rudolph Giuliani’s company will be providing consulting services to fight crime in Amazonas.


MANAUS – The Government of Amazonas will be advised by the former mayor of New York City (USA), Rudolph Giuliani, on public security measures. A letter of intent was signed by the governor of the State, Amazonino Mendes, with Giuliani Security & Safety, the American politician’s company, this Wednesday, the 18th, in New York City. The government of the State did not say how much it will pay for the assistance.

Giuliani became known worldwide for the program “Zero Tolerance” that was deployed in New York City when he was mayor, which reduced crime rates by more than 60% between 1994 and 2002. The former mayor also deployed successful measures to fight violence in Colombia, Guatemala, Canada, El Salvador and Honduras.

Amazonino said that he is counting on great results from Giuliani’s work in the fight of crime in Manaus. “Today is a truly historic date, the result of courage, determination, the specific desire to provide the population with tranquility, peace and security. Amazonas went after the legendary Giuliani. The man who built modern and effective techniques to fight crime,” he said.


The US staff’s work started with the delivery, by the governor’s private secretary, Col. Otávio Junior, of a survey about violence in the State. In May of this year, Giuliani’s staff will start to monitor the work conducted by the Department of Public Safety of Amazonas in person.

The first report with suggestions to support the integration of the entire security system and concrete measures to reduce violence will be personally presented by Rudolph Giuliani in June, when he will be coming to Manaus to meet with his staff.