Amazon police receives praise from CEO of Rudolph Giuliani’s office

“The Amazon police are doing a great job with what they have. Honestly, they are very good at what they do. I’m very grateful to meet you. They are all motivated to make a safer state for the population. “

After a week of visits to agencies linked to the public security system of the State of Amazonas, the CEO of the international consulting firm “Giuliani Security & Safety”, John Huvane, says he is impressed with the work of Amazonian professionals. “The Amazon police are doing a great job with what they have. Honestly, they are very good at what they do. I’m very grateful to meet you. They are all motivated to make a safer state for the population. ”

John Huvane is leading the retinue of New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s consulting firm, who is in Manaus this week to gather information and data to prepare the first part of the report, which will be delivered by Giuliani himself to Governor Amazonino Mendes, at the end of June. According to Huvane, despite the structural difficulties encountered, state security has a very dedicated human material to the profession.

“The GSS team understands the complexity and challenges faced by the Civil Police, the Military Police, the Federal Police, as well as the judicial and administrative structures, as well as the economic constraints that limit the positive results of many crime programs. For this reason, GSS has proposed to participate in this project with the state of Amazonas, where it will have the opportunity to offer solutions and suggestions of programs to support criminal justice, “says the letter signed by John Huvane to the governor Amazonino Mendes.

For Huvane, society’s lack of trust in the justice and criminal justice system can become a significant problem for the state. “It is understood that law enforcement is the only way to re-establish the trust of the good citizen in the system that the state represents. Police also have to make sure that the population fully supports them and society must rely on the police, “says the GSS executive.

“Most of the time, society’s lack of trust in the criminal justice system is due to the presence of corruption as well as poor policing policies. GSS understands that it is necessary to rebuild the support of the citizens of the Amazon, reinforce and re-establish that the laws will be applied equally and fairly, “explains Huvane.

Team of Stars  – The “Giuliani Security & Safety” consultant team in Manaus has as its members an internationally renowned, diverse and multicultural team of police chiefs, forensic technicians, international agents specialized in human trafficking, arms trafficking and drugs, as well as military operations, as well as tactical and strategic areas.

Although GSS is headquartered in New York and has assisted in the implementation of several successful crime reduction programs in the city, the company also has a presence in projects globally. Its methodology and techniques have been used in more than 18 countries in Central America, South America, the Caribbean as well as Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

GSS has successfully executed several international government and private contracts, including Colombia and Argentina. In particular, GSS has been acting as Special Adviser to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in carrying out the analysis of public security and criminal justice in countries such as Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

In addition to working in partnership and collaboration with public security departments and agencies, the office also analyzes the various levels of police forces in the country in which they are working, conducting an analysis of the criminal and criminal system as a whole, following a rigorous process and methodology developed by his team over the years.

Each plan presented by the GSS is adapted to the specific area needs of that region, always taking into account all factors, including social, political, cultural and emergency. The international consultancy builds on its experiences and other successful projects to determine which strategies will work best for the Amazon, with the aim of reducing crime in the region, while proposing improvements in the quality of life and socioeconomic conditions of the population and region.

Implementation – In Medellín, Colombia, GSS analysis and recommendations resulted in a drastic reduction in crime in just five and a half months. According to the representative of the Brazilian office, Kellen F. Dunning, who compose the entourage in Manaus, GSS works in the short, medium and long term in terms of implementation.

According to Kellen, the office’s work also helps governments secure international investment in the area of ​​security. “From the moment they have a very well done report, international institutions are starting to have an interest in helping because they get accurate information on what kind of impact these suggested measures will cause in society,” explains Kellen.

“They are small solutions, which sometimes is difficult for a person who is within the context to visualize, but for those who come from outside and have already seen work, can see the same problem in a different way. That’s why we can find effective solutions in this work “, says the executive.

The importance of this external vision is also shared by the Attorney of the Republic in Amazonas, Edmilson Barreiros. “An external look at a problem as complex as public security in the Amazon is always important. The more comprehensive this analysis, the more complete and promising the solutions that the consultancy can present, “explained the prosecutor, who was visited by the delegation last Thursday (05/05).

Photos:  Aguilar Abecassis and Valdo Leão / SECOM