Giuliani Security & Safety (GSS) offers corporations, individuals, and governments a full platform of security, investigative and crisis management services.

GSS works collaboratively with clients to identify needs and tailors individual solutions that are comprehensive, exacting, and cost-effective.

Clients include: governments, global corporations, energy industries, law firms, financial institutions, and universities among other organizations.

  • Physical Security

  • Criminal Justice Reform

  • Emergency Management

  • Investigations


“I believe in creating a culture that values preparation, and in passing that ethic from the top down. ”

Rudolph W. Giuliani


Rudolph Giuliani is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Giuliani Partners LLC, which he founded in January 2002. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Mr. Giuliani began his career as a law clerk to United States District Court Judge Lloyd F. MacMahon in the Southern District of New York. In 1970, he joined the office of the U.S. Attorney and was soon named Chief of the Narcotics Unit and promoted to the position of Executive U.S. Attorney. In 1973, at age 29, Mr. Giuliani was placed in charge of the police corruption cases resulting from the highly publicized Knapp Commission report.

Two years later, Mr. Giuliani was recruited to Washington, D.C., where he was appointed Associate Deputy Attorney General and chief of staff to the Deputy Attorney General. In 1977, Mr. Giuliani returned to New York to practice law and joined the firm of Patterson, Belknap, Webb and Tyler.

In 1981, President Reagan appointed Mr. Giuliani to be U.S. Associate Attorney General, the Department of Justice’s third highest position. In this role, Mr. Giuliani supervised the U.S. Attorney offices nationwide, as well as federal law enforcement agencies, including the Bureau of Corrections, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the U.S. Marshals Service. In 1983, he became U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, where he earned a national reputation for his efforts to eradicate organized and white-collar crime and government corruption. During his high-profile prosecutorial career, Mr. Giuliani secured 4,152 convictions, with only 25 reversals.

Following his tenure as a U.S. Attorney, Mr. Giuliani returned to private practice as a partner at White & Case and later as a partner at Anderson, Kill & Olick.

In 1993, Mr. Giuliani was elected as the 107th Mayor of the City of New York and was re-elected in 1997. By the conclusion of his second term in 2001, almost 700,000 New York City residents had moved from the welfare rolls to work and the city’s crime rate had fallen by 57 percent, prompting the FBI to rate New York as America’s safest large city. A number of novel law enforcement strategies implemented under Mayor Giuliani’s leadership became models for other cities around the world, including the CompStat program for monitoring criminal activity, which won the 1996 Innovations in Government Award from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

In recognition of his leadership of the city following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Time magazine named Mr. Giuliani the 2001 “Person of the Year.” He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and was presented the Ronald Reagan Presidential Freedom Award by former First Lady Nancy Reagan.

Mr. Giuliani continues in his role as Chairman and CEO of Giuliani Partners LLC, a management consulting firm which he founded in 2002, as well as a Senior Advisor/Senior Chair of Firm Development at Greenberg Traurig, a law firm. In addition to his responsibilities at his companies, Mr. Giuliani continues to be actively engaged in politics, campaigning for worthy candidates across the nation.

George C. Boyle

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. George Boyle has been a member of Giuliani Security and Safety and its parent company Giuliani Partners since 2003. Mr. Boyle has over thirty years of experience in law enforcement and security in the private sector. During his time here Mr. Boyle has performed and served in various capacities including: Providing personal security for the Chief Executive Officer and his family and their personal residences/ assets. During this time Mr. Boyle was also part of the team providing personal protection for Mr. Giuliani and his family during his presidential campaign traveling extensively throughout the United States. He was also the liaison to local law enforcement at the various events. Mr. Boyle has traveled both domestically and internationally as the team leader in the day to day movements and security of Mr. Giuliani at events that included large sporting venues, as well as small intimate events.

Since 2013 Mr. Boyle has been the Director of Investigations at Giuliani Security and Safety LLC. Mr. Boyle conducts and/or oversees investigations for various clients and law firms which are conducted with the strictest standards of confidentiality. As the Director of Investigations Mr. Boyle maintains a current license with the New York State Department of State and is responsible for maintaining all employee state required records for auditing purposes. Mr. Boyle has been assigned to work with both domestic and international police departments in Panama, Argentina, Puerto Rico and the Ukraine. Mr. Boyle lived in Puerto Rico for six months where he and members of his team conducted numerous site visits, surveys and met with local residents and members of the government, as well as civic leaders, in order to fully understand and make the best possible recommendations for the people of Puerto Rico.

Mr. Boyle began his law enforcement career in 1983 with the New York City Department of Corrections and was assigned to the Correctional Institution for Men. There he served as a Correction Officer where he maintained care, custody and control of inmates assigned to his institution.

In 1987 Mr. Boyle joined the New York City Police Department where he was assigned to the 104 precinct. Mr. Boyle was assigned to street patrol where he and his partner made numerous arrests. As a direct result of this arrest activity Mr. Boyle was assigned to the plain clothes unit know as “anti-crime”. During his tenure in “anti-crime” Mr. Boyle made numerous violent street felony arrests which enabled him to be interviewed for a position in the Detective Squad. Mr. Boyle was transferred to the Detective Squad where again he was very active in making arrests and solving his cases and was ultimately promoted to Detective. Mr. Boyle was transferred to the Special Victims Squad where he was assigned to investigate cases of sexual and physical abuse of children. Mr. Boyle also became involved in domestic violence cases as a result of his involvement with the cases investigated by Special Victims. Mr. Boyle maintained a relationship with the District Attorney’s Office in an effort to resolve these cases in an expeditious manner. Mr. Boyle was then moved to the adult team where he was assigned to investigate sexual assault cases of adult victims.

After a year of the adult cases Mr. Boyle was moved to the “Pattern Team” as a direct result of a developing pattern where a bilingual Detective was needed, in order to interview the victims. As a member of the pattern team, which had multiple disciplines,

Mr. Boyle was responsible for collecting data and analyzing it to see it there were any patterns developing in his borough and/or city wide. Mr. Boyle was also tasked with keeping and maintaining the records of all the registered sex offenders within the borough of Queens. Mr. Boyle was given a third responsibility to conduct investigations where DNA was recovered and analyzed by the Medical Examiner’s office. This advancement was new and just getting started in the New York City Police Department. Mr. Boyle maintained a relationship with members of the Medical Examiner’s Office and as a result was able to solve cases where the subject was previously unknown or had moved out of state. Mr. Boyle and the team were now able to obtain warrants and arrest subjects that would have otherwise never been apprehended. With the use of DNA he was able to assist other Detectives in identifying subjects in connection with homicides, burglaries or other crimes where DNA was present. As a member of Special Victims Mr. Boyle did conduct lectures for incoming School Crossing Guards and several schools. Mr. Boyle was selected and trained as a “Hostage Negotiator” of which only one hundred of the eight thousand Detectives in New York City were assigned.  Mr. Boyle also advises a small security firm in providing security for The Tunnel To Towers Foundation and its New York based events.